Become a 46Reader!!!

CLIMB all 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks and become a 46R.

READ a total of 46 books during grades 4-6
and become a 46Reader!

HIT THE TRAIL - Reading will always take you to new heights.

All 4th, 5th & 6th Grade Students in the U.S. and Canada Are Eligible!

HIKE through your local library and book store.

CARRY your favorite books in your backpack.

READ 46 books and earn the official Adirondack Kids® 46Reader patch!

for Rules & FAQ's & Official Form
look below!

46Reader Rules & FAQ
How do I earn my 46Reader patch?

Read a total of 46 grade-level books during your 4 -6 grade school years and you are eligible for your 46Reader patch.

How do I prove I read 46 books and receive my 46Reader patch?

It's as easy as ABC:

    A - Print out the official 46Reader form and fill in the titles of the 46 books you read - and in what order. Have your parent/guardian or teacher or librarian sign your form.
    B - Send the completed form to Adirondack Kids Press with $1 for postage and handling. (keep a copy of the form for your records).
    C - Receive your patch in the mail. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Have a 46Reader party at home, at school or at your library to celebrate your accomplishment! Congratulations! Keep on Reading!

How do I earn my 46Reader patch
Who is eligible to become a 46Reader?

Anyone in the United States and Canada in grades 4 - 6 beginning with the September 2006 school year.

What books are eligible for the program?

Any books approved by your parents, teachers or librarians which are grade-level and which you have read since September 2006.

I started late - can I read all 46 books in 6th grade?

Go for it!

I am an avid reader. Can I read all 46 books in one year or summer?

Go for it!

Where do I find the form?

Click here to receive your The Adirondack Kids® 46Reader Form

Other Questions? Send us an e-mail: info@adirondackkids.com

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