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"This is my favorite book so far. I like the chapter, Bearly to Camp, and the part when Justin asked how many cans to get to $600."

-- K. Ehrensbeck, Old Forge

"This book is very neat. It is filled with surprises and you will definitely like it. The way it is written makes you feel like you're actually in the Adirondacks."

-- A. Pulling, First Lake

"After my teacher read The Adirondack Kids to our class, I wanted to read it again. I like the chapter, Dax Attacks. It was funny."

-- L. Frymire, Woodgate

"You'll be surprised when you figure out who the water skier turned out to be. You'll also be surprised when you hear what Justin's dad does to the camera. I think you'll enjoy this book. I did!"

-- J. Zheng, Old Forge

"I really liked The Adirondack Kids because it reminds me about the Adirondacks. When my dad and I go camping we see the loons on the lake, too. That's why I like this book."

-- A. Bolton, Old Forge

"I really liked the book, Adirondack Kids. It shows how much fun it would be to live in the Adirondacks or own a camp up in the Adirondacks. All of the excitement that was in the book made this a very good story."

-- C. Plescia, Woodgate

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