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The Adirondack Kids New Book
Release Book 15
Join the Adirondack Kids® for Mystery Under the Midnight Moon

INLET (NY) - ADIRONDACKS – Adirondack Kids authors Justin and Gary VanRiper will be on tour the summer of 2015 promoting the release of the 15th book in their best-selling regional children's book series, The Adirondack Kids® #15 – Mystery Under the Midnight Moon. The book is scheduled for release in June, 2015.

This latest volume in The Adirondack Kids® series is unique in that it contains a collection of five different stories starring the beloved characters Justin Robert, Jackie Salsberry, Nick Barnes and the calico cat, Dax.

"There are so many adventures awaiting young people who love exploring the Adirondacks," explained senior co-author, Gary VanRiper. "Some subjects did not call for an entire book, but we knew could make interesting and fun short stories. And in one of the stories, we get to introduce a brand new character."

Series co-author Justin VanRiper offered another reason why this volume is unique. "Throughout the years I have contributed to the writing of our books in various ways and degrees," he said. "By doing a collection of short stories, I was able this time to contribute an entire story myself."

The Adirondack Kids® has surpassed 120,000 copies in the series sold. The first printing of book number one was released in the spring of 2001 with 2,000 copies, which sold out within the first few months. The father-and-son team has been writing one book a year now for 15 years and what began as a fun family writing project has now grown into a small publishing company.

As early as 2002, the VanRipers were interviewed and featured in Writer's Digest's Writing Success Magazine and in 2004, The Adirondack Kids® was featured in Publishers Weekly, unusual at the time for self-published projects.

Their 5th book, Islands in the Sky, won the first ever Adirondack Literary Award for Best Children's Book, presented bi 2005 y the Adirondack Center for Writing.

In 2007, they were dubbed "superstars of regional self-publishing" by writer Nancy Davis Kho in Adirondack Life magazine, and to date have appeared in numerous schools, libraries, conferences and conventions in an effort to inspire young readers to keep on reading and young writers to keep on reading and writing. In 2015 they appeared on Homework Hotline, broadcast on PBS stations across New York State.

Adirondack Kids Day™, a new and major annual event established in 2012, is held the first Saturday of October in Inlet, New York, epicenter of the book series' creation, with major sponsorship provided by Kiwanis of the Central Adirondacks. In 2014 the Adirondack Park Agency recognized Adirondack Kids Day™ with Honorable Mention status in its Best Event Contest for the Most Authentic Adirondack event.

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Adirondack Kids Day
4th Annual ADIRONDACK KIDS DAY™ Set for October 3, 2015!

INLET (NY) - -The 4th Annual Adirondack Kids Day™ is set for Saturday, October 3 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the hamlet of Inlet, New York on Fourth Lake along the Fulton Chain of Lakes.

Adirondack Kids Day actually was awarded Honorable Mention for Most Authentic Adirondack Event in a contest sponsored in 2014 by the Adirondack Park Agency!

KIWANIS of the Central Adirondacks is the major sponsor of the event, and participating members who were personally involved were very happy with the day. "The club is excited about [Adirondack] Kids Day and believes it is exactly in line with the Kiwanis Mission," said Kiwanis representative, Jim Connerty.

The Adirondack Kids Day™ Fishing Derby continues to be a huge hit and will take place on Fifth Lake and along the Inlet channel with instruction and guidance from Paul Chambers of French Louie ADK Sports. Also planned are horseback riding along the lake, a petting zoo, wild bird rehabilitator Mark Manske from Adirondack Raptors, and special experts on hand for families interested in exploring the great outdoors.

Honorable Mention for
Most Authentic Adirondack Event

The hub for the event is a Children's Author Fair located on the grounds of The Adirondack Reader bookstore with more than a dozen authors and illustrators whose work is set in the Adirondacks. Among authors and illustrators to meet are Christie Casciano & Rose Mary Casciano Moziak (The Puck Hog series); Diane Chase (Adirondack Family Activities® Guidebooks); Maggie Henry (A Coming of Winter in the Adirondacks & Forest Green); Gary, Justin & Carol VanRiper of The Adiorndack Kids® series and many others!

Don't miss this fun-filled event for the whole family in Inlet, New York, "Where Mountains and Memories Meet."

For more information contact the Inlet Information Center at 1-866-GO-INLET or visit Also, Reggie Chambers of Adirondack Reader at 315-357-2665. Guests and events are subject to change. Regular updates and a detailed schedule will also be available on The Adirondack Kids® FACEBOOK page.

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The Adirondack Kids New
Book Release Book 13
School Visits & Special Appearances

Gary & Justin VanRiper have more than 13 years of experience sharing with thousands of young people in individual classes and full auditoriums the importance of becoming readers for life and the challenges and joys awaiting those at any age who aspire to write. For information on having Gary & Justin visit your school, library or conference, contact Carol VanRiper at

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