Gary, Justin, & Carol VanRiper

CONTENT: Gary & Justin share with students why and how they began writing and how they published The Adirondack KidsŪ series of books.

(Justin was in third grade when the Adirondack Kids #1 was published - writing one book per year, the father-son writing team now have 13 books to their credit with more than 115,000 copies in the series sold)

Together, they stress the importance of reading and solid writing techniques to inspire young readers and writers. They tailor their presentations in both content and length to meet the needs and emphasis of the school program and connect best with students age seven to 12 and in grades three to five.

The most successful and highly interactive programs are those in which students are already familiar with one or more of the books. This can be accomplished by having a teacher read one of the books to a class before a school visit by the authors, or by pre sale of books to students. Participating schools always receive a free set of the entire Adirondack Kid series of books for the school library and a discount for students on book purchases.

SET UP REQUIREMENTS: Overhead Projector & Screen suitable for room size. Sound reinforcement for auditoriums, assemblies (i.e. microphone). Music stand (for use as light, portable lectern). A room/auditorium full of students!

FEE: Is negotiable based on presentation(s) and distance traveled. Contact Carol VanRiper with your date and plan or call 315-225-0154.

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