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Would you like to see a family-friendly, live-action television series for kids based on the best-selling book series that for twenty years has encouraged kids to read and inspires them to set their electronic devices down and explore the great outdoors?

If “Yes” – this is more than a poll. This is a call to action!

Here’s how you can help bring The Adirondack Kids® to life, with wholesome content that is entertaining, edifying and educational with your kids following three best friends sharing real world adventures that are set in the stunningly beautiful Adirondack landscape where kids are simply allowed to be kids!

For the next three months – October through December – we are gauging interest for the show.

If there is substantial evidence of enthusiasm and encouragement for the show over the next 60 days, we will be launching a crowd-funding page on IndieGogo in January to make the show a reality, with plans to begin shooting in Spring and Summer 2021.

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Why this project and why now? Most recently, television shows presenting children with crude language and exceptionally lewd behavior, combined with stunning statistics of the negative impact so much of social media is having on our kids, have motivated us to attempt to take the mission and message we have successfully shared through our book series to the small screen.

Consider sharing this project with your friends and relatives who you know also long for more family-friendly content in print and on the screen. Word-of-mouth lends great credibility to any movement or project and will go a long, long way toward helping us reach this common goal.


Gary, Carol & Justin

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