The Adirondack Kids® Helping with Distance Learning!
The Adirondack Kids® Helping with Distance Learning!

The Adirondack Kids® Helping with Distance Learning!

Our daughter is a teacher and our son-in-law a school superintendent and so we know something about the challenges teachers and families with children are facing with distant learning during this extended health emergency.

During the past few weeks we have received several requests from teachers asking us if it would be possible for them to read volumes from The Adirondack Kids® series aloud to their students, and teach from the texts.

Our reply has been a resounding, “YES”. In fact, it is an honor to be able to help in some modest way during these difficult times.

Below is an outline that is also on our website ( that explains to teachers all they need to do to engage in these free offer. We have also included a video we made for one such teacher using google classroom during which Justin and I (Gary) answer nine questions from her students.

If you know of a teacher, or are yourself a teacher, we are doing what we can to spread the word and make this offer known.

Next time we will update you with changes in our 2020 calendar of events with updates on our new book and our expanded 20th Anniversary edition of The Adirondack Kids® #1!

We certainly wish you and your loved ones all the best – be safe and well!

Gary, Carol & Justin VanRiper

Adirondack Kids Press, Ltd.


School Teachers who are instructing via distance learning during Covid-19!

How can we help you?

We have received a number of unique requests from teachers over the past several weeks – enough that we decided we should make it publicly known among teachers currently engaged in distant learning that, ‘yes, we welcome you to read aloud to your students any of The Adirondacks Kids® stories on google classroom or any other closed platform.’ We also welcome teachers to use any of the videos on our website or YouTube page considered helpful. And we would be happy to answer collected questions from students by e-mail or by video.*

For a recorded Read-aloud, you need only state the authors (Gary & Justin VanRiper), illustrator, (Glenn Guy for volumes 1-3 or Carol VanRiper for volumes 4-20) publisher (Adirondack Kids Press, Ltd.), state that the recording is being done with permission of the publisher, and agree to take your recording down by the close of the school year (unless other arrangements have been made.)

Just e-mail us with your plan ( and include your name, contact information, name of school and platform being used.

Thank you for all you are doing under such challenging circumstances to continue pouring into our children!

Gary, Carol & Justin VanRiper

Sample* of a simple video we created at home answering questions from students sent by their teacher using google classroom during distance learning. Not a Hollywood production, it is simply Justin and me (Gary) sharing with the students!





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