It’s Here!  The Adirondack Kids® #19: Phantom of the Talus Caves
It’s Here! The Adirondack Kids® #19: Phantom of the Talus Caves

It’s Here! The Adirondack Kids® #19: Phantom of the Talus Caves

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After 19 books in 19 years, my son, Justin, co-author of our children’s book series, has always said one of his favorite parts of the writing process is doing the live research; that is, going to the places we are going to write about.

Among his experiences have been paddling with common loons for books #1, hiking the high peaks for book #5 and scuba diving for book #17.

Being on location fills all of our senses, and there are often surprises that helps stimulate the imagination making a story stronger and often much more plausible.

That was certainly the case for our brand new book, The Adirondack Kids® #19: Phantom of the Talus Caves, which is available now and with our book launch scheduled for this Saturday, July 6 at Old Forge Hardware, Old Forge, NY from Noon-2 p.m.!

Some time ago it was brought to our attention that there existed a talus cave in the Adirondacks that was used by a legendary guide who lived his entire adult life in the wild, French Louie.  A fascinating account of the life and times of French Louie was written by Harvey L. Dunham and is published by North Country Books.

Most simply put, a talus cave is a cave formed by falling rocks.

We were entrusted with coordinates and at the end of a multi-mile hike and lengthy bushwhack we found French Louie’s cave with fire pit and moss-covered ‘bed’. And while most accommodating for human use, we discovered several other caves of various sizes and structure in the immediate surroundings.

Even Mark Lowell, our great friend and master with a map and compass who has hiked all 100 of the highest peaks in the Adirondacks and who guided the bushwhack indicated he had never before seen anything quite like the unique formations that surrounded all of us at this location.

We took plenty of photographs to jar the memory for writing, and on this trip also took video footage we can use for our school presentations. We are also being intentionally vague about the precise location of the cave in an effort to help protect and preserve the historic spot from being overrun.

Our characters have embarked on hiking adventures in previous stories, including trips up Bald Mountain near Old Forge;  Black Bear Mountain at Inlet; Castle Rock at Blue Mountain Lake and even Algonquin in the high peaks wilderness.

But this will be the first time they have embarked on a serious bushwhack.

And what a setting we were able to set them loose in to explore!

While we are very excited about the release of this latest book, we are exceptionally excited about the plans unfolding for our 20th Anniversary in 2020!

As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support of our work.




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