Making Lifetime Memories with your Children & Grandchildren
Making Lifetime Memories with your Children & Grandchildren

Making Lifetime Memories with your Children & Grandchildren


What’s a Family to Do?

Ten million people visit the six-million-acre Adirondack Park every year. Are you among them?

We are among the 200,000 seasonal residents fortunate enough to have access to a camp in the west-central region where our family members have been making memories for more than 110 years.

Soon after the first few books in The Adirondack Kids® series were released, we realized our work was doing more than helping reluctant readers become expectant readers.

We began hearing from parents and grandparents who were taking their children and grandchildren to the places where the stories were set. Some were even planning their entire family vacations to hike the trails, paddle the lakes, climb a mountain.

One family during their annual vacation began a tradition to read a chapter of our newest book every night while gathered around the campfire.

A mother said our work convinced her to head north with her family for adventure, and thanked us for helping her son, (who she confessed had hated school and reading), to like books. After reading the second book in our series and later following in the footsteps of our characters, a grandmother wrote: “I wanted you to know what a huge impact you had on these boys. They (our grandchildren) learned valuable lessons that day and my husband and I had a dream come true.” She thanked us for helping them have one of the best says of their lives.

As we approach our 20th anniversary with The Adirondack Kids® series, our goal is to keep on writing wholesome, engaging adventure stories with readers looking forward to more.

And with our weekly blogs and vlogs, we will be writing about and filming throughout the Adirondacks. Our hope is to continue to inspire families to get out and explore this amazing environment millions of us are privileged to call our backyard.

We look forward to making a lifetime of lifetime memories together!

What’s your story? Do you have a family tradition or lifetime memory rooted in the Adirondacks that might inspire others?

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Here we (Gary & Justin) are at our favorite haunt for lunch, planning our writing projects from now until 2020, the year we celebrate The Adirondack Kids® 20th anniversary. The 18th book in our series should be out something this spring of 2018.


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