The 46ers & the 46Readers
The 46ers & the 46Readers

The 46ers & the 46Readers

Nearly everyone familiar with the Adirondacks is also aware of the 46ers.

Those who have hiked all 46 of the designated high peaks in the Adirondacks is a 46er. Since the list was established in 1925 there have been 10,871 individuals who have officially completed the quest. I (Gary) am #6202 on the list that is growing every year. Those who finish and register with the non-profit organization are placed on a list and are eligible to order a 46er patch and gear.

With the 46ers permission we established the 46Reader™ quest in 2006.

The 46Reader quest is quite simple.
(Click Here for the Form!)

We invite any young person in grades 4-6 who read (or who have their parents read aloud to them) 46 books – print and fill out the provided form – have it signed by a parent/guardian/teacher/librarian – mail it to us (in care of Adirondack Kids Press, 39 2nd Street, Camden, NY 13316) along with $1 for postage and handling – and we will send a letter of congratulations along with the official 46Reader patch! 1

We received our first 46Rreader in June of 2007. He was from Saratoga Springs, NY, and happened to have the first name of the main character in our books – Justin!

There are now 166 individuals who are 46Readers – and we know more are on the way!

We were aware that Norah, the daughter of the owners (Mark & Sarah) of the Bookstore Plus in Lake Placid, NY, was working on the quest.

What we did not know is that she was part of a group at the Bookstore Plus on the quest with her! The just reached the summit and we expect to hear from them soon so we can send them their patches.

“Congratulations to this group of kids who completed the 46er reading challenge at LPES. Limo ride, lunch, ice cream and they each got to pick out a new book! Thanks, Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. Paulson, Mrs Ladisic and (not pictured) Mrs. Alicia Carrow Brandes for your support of this program.” – The Bookstore Plus

Research shows that it is the VOLUME of reading done that makes a child a better reader.

Stephen Krashen in The Power of Reading notes, “Reading is the only way, the only way we become good readers, develop a good writing style, an adequate vocabulary, advanced grammatical competence, and the only way we become good spellers.”2

SO HIKE with your young reader to the bookstore or library and HIT THE TRAIL.
Reading will always take them to new heights!

1 (in the Continental U.S. & Canada)
2 Stephen D. Krashen, The Power of Reading: Insights from the Research, 2nd Edition (Libraries Limited 2004, page 37.

Question: What are some of the ways you encourage reading in your household?




Jacob is a young reader who became a 46Reader! Here he is holding up his patch. We were honored to meet him at our annual Adirondack Kids Day™ held every year on the first Saturday of October in Inlet, New York.


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