Top 5 Best-Selling Books in The Adirondack Kids® Series One Title Bucks the Trend
Top 5 Best-Selling Books in The Adirondack Kids® Series One Title Bucks the Trend

Top 5 Best-Selling Books in The Adirondack Kids® Series One Title Bucks the Trend

“How long does it take you to write a book?” “Where do you get all the ideas for your stories?” “Which book that you’ve written is your favorite?”

These are among the most common questions we are asked by young students during one of our school visits.

Then there are those business savvy students who ask: “How much money do you make?”

But over the 18 years we have been writing our children’s books and doing presentations, one question I can’t recall ever being asked is: “Which book is your best-seller!”

We know which are our best-selling titles because we self-publish our books and every one of the more than 150,000 books the series sold to date came out of our big warehouse! (Actually two upstairs bedrooms in our huge Victorian home!)

When it comes to series books, the answer is pretty straight forward. The first book in the series is usually the one that sells the most copies. Even though it is possible to read The Adirondack Kids® titles out of order, most readers still like to begin with the first volume. Ours is no exception. And because we come out with a brand new title every year, new people discover the series and the majority gravitate to volume one. The Adirondack Kids® #1 is far and away the best-selling title in the series.


Then it follows that the second book runs in second place, the third book in third place, and so on.

But there is one of our titles that has broken that trend, even beating out the fifth book in our series, Islands in the Sky, which in 2005 won an ACW Award for best children’s book. Those who are already familiar with our books – can you guess which one?

The fifth best-selling book in our series is… The Adirondack Kids® #7: Mystery of the Missing Moose!

We think the moose bucked the trend because it is such a fascinating creature and so many would love to see one. And we are among those thrilled the animal is continuing to make a strong comeback in the Adirondacks!

Question: Do your children or grandchildren have a favorite book in The Adirondack Kids® series so far? If yes, let us know which one and why they like it!


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