Adirondack Quests: The Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge
Adirondack Quests: The Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge

Adirondack Quests: The Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge

Climb a mountain – paddle a lake– hike or bike a trail


One quest on our list for the new year is the Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge™.  And it is probably one we will do with the grandkids.




Because it is a challenge designed with families in mind and involves the successful completion of 12 out of 17 modest outdoor activities along the Fulton Chain of Lakes in the Adirondack Park’s Hamilton County.


A comprehensive description of the quest and a brochure featuring a list of qualifying locations and activities are both available on-line, here.


Possible destinations include: 

Rondaxe (Bald Mountain) with one of the best payoffs for a modest hike up a mountain anywhere in the Adirondacks with its commanding view of First to Fourth Lakes along the Fulton Chain. Many who have visited this region have already climbed this popular mountain. But in order for it to count in the Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge™, it must have been summited after October 3, 2015, the date when the quest was launched. What a great excuse to have to visit the mountain again!


Moss Lake with its 3-mile hiking loop or easy put-in for a kayak or canoe.


Black Bear Mountain with a sprawling summit and many open views.


The Rocky Mountain trailhead is accessible from the same parking lot as Black Bear and is a much shorter hike up with a superior view of Fourth Lake.



For those who like the romance of an Adirondack waterfalls, the two-mile hike to Cascade Lake rewards those who are willing to travel the extra mile for a look at the falls. This is the setting for the 16th volume in The Adirondack Kids® series – The Outlaws of Cascade Falls.


Ferd’s Bog, with a near half-mile walk through the woods leading to a floating boardwalk that extends out into the bog, and during the breeding season can be a birder’s paradise.


There was a conscious attempt in the planning of the Inlet Outdoor Family Challenge™ to try and offer activities within the reach of those with varying physical capabilities. Exercise wisdom, and if there is any doubt as to your physical limitations for any activity, check with your doctor.


While I (Gary) have already visited most of these places over the years and many of them more than once, I have yet visit all with the grandchildren, and so am looking forward to sharing more adventures with them in this family-friendly way.


There is also a unique patch shaped like a hiking boot that can be obtained by those who complete the quest – a great way to remember those special days you shared with your loved ones!


Any QUESTions about the Challenge? Ask away in the comments below!





Gary with The Adirondack Kids® Cover Artist, Susan Loeffler, making a list of what will be on the 18th book in the series. Another little hand also trying to get in on the action. Susan has done the full-color cover art for all 17 books in the series so far.


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