NEW ‘ABOUT US’ VIDEO: The Adirondack Kids®
NEW ‘ABOUT US’ VIDEO: The Adirondack Kids®

NEW ‘ABOUT US’ VIDEO: The Adirondack Kids®


What we hope to do together


Thanks again so much for subscribing to our mailing list to become a member of The Adirondack Kids® family.

This family is already beginning to grow and we want to make sure we are truly meeting the needs of those who are following us and are taking their valuable time open our messages.

As Justin has brought me (Gary) into the 21st century with the design of our brand-new website, we learned that the ‘About Us’ page is the second most-often visited page on nearly every site.

So, just this week we set up our GoPro® camera in our office at home, pulled back the drapes to let some natural light pour in, and sat down to record a short message to help people get to know us a little more personally and better understand what we aspire to accomplish together.

We hope that you might take a few of the 1,440 minutes you have this day to view the short video and tell us what you think. And if it resonates with you, that you might also consider sharing it with a friend you think might benefit from becoming a member of The Adirondack Kids® family as well. 



We believe we are among people just like you who care deeply about the wellbeing of the children in our lives. Whether a parent, a grandparent, a relative, a teacher, a neighbor, we want only the very best for every one of them.

Do we hope there will be interest in The Adirondack Kids® series of books? Of course.

But we aspire to much more than that.


When we learned from parents and teachers our books had become a gateway to reading for many boys and girls, we dared to dream that together we could help inspire the children we all know and love to become lifelong readers.






And when we realized from fan mail and from comments at book events how many people were planning vacations and day trips with their families to the locations in the Adirondacks where our stories are set, we decided to become more intentional in helping more children with their families to rediscover and explore the great outdoors.






So, this is your chance to be movie critic. How did we do with the video? Be merciful! Comment below!



We took a sneak peek at Carol’s drawing table. She is working on the interior black & white illustrations for our new book that should be released late this spring!


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