In Celebration of the Return of the Common Loon!

The Common Loon leaves Adirondack lakes before first ice and returns soon after the ice melts away. This past week there have been several reports loon migration is well underway with sightings on several lakes across the Adirondack Park.

In celebration of the return of this symbol of northern wilderness, we hope you enjoy this photo essay of the Common Loon from shots  Justin & I have taken over the years at Moss Lake, Inlet, NY, near our family camp in the West-Central Adirondacks.

If you are a teacher or home schooler, please feel free to use any of these photos for non-commercial use. We love encouraging children to set down their electric devices and explore the great outdoors!

Justin took one of these photos from his kayak when he was 12-years-old using my manual hand-held 35mm with a 200mm telephoto lens. Can you guess which one?

Welcome Back!






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