Taking Field Trips with Students to New Heights!
Taking Field Trips with Students to New Heights!

Taking Field Trips with Students to New Heights!


It’s the kind of call we are always excited to receive.

A teacher who was organizing a field trip to climb a mountain with students who had just read one of our books, wanted to know if Justin and I (Gary) could hike with them.

The two main points of our mission statement with the Adirondack Kids® was wrapped up in her one event: Inspire young people to read and encourage them to set down their devices and explore the great outdoors.

The timing worked out. “Yes, we would love to join you!”

After 18 years of working with schools we are well aware school visits and events do not happen, ‘poof!’ There is always an individual or core group of teachers or parents who go the extra mile to make these special times possible for our children.

Going the extra mile was literally the case with this event as the teacher, Mrs. Aiello, from Holland Patent school district in New York, first climbed the mountain a week earlier, worked out the timing and mapped out a strategy of things the students could watch for while on the hike. All this to make sure everyone had a fun and safe experience while interacting with the environment each step along the way.

The day was perfect.

Nice temperature. Slight breeze to keep the bugs away. Perfect company.

We hope you enjoy the footage from the hike that Justin put together to capture some of the excitement and experience!

Question: Planning a school visit or field trip for 2018-2019? We would love to join you! CLICK HERE for Information


Can you guess what just arrived at our home office today by freight truck? Read all about it in next week’s blog! (Or join us this Wednesday, July 4, at Old Forge Hardware, Old Forge, New York, where we’ll be autographing books from 1 – 3 p.m.!)


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