The Adirondack Kids® #18 JUST RELEASED!
The Adirondack Kids® #18 JUST RELEASED!

The Adirondack Kids® #18 JUST RELEASED!

What do you do when the power goes off and all of your business is done on the computer? No problem. You simply grab a pen and a small notebook and by window light write a 2,000-word draft for your next book!

The inclement weather literally forced the hand and so it was on late winter day to sit down and allow the story’s outline to stream onto paper.

I wish it always happened that way.

But, of course, this came after months of thinking, meditating and brainstorming with my co-writer of nearly two decades – my son, Justin.

And then the real work began.

The first day of writing in March yielded 277 words. March 20th? A total of two words! (That’s not a misprint!) 700 words came at a hotel one night while on a 2-day tour of Vermont in April. And by mid-May nearly 10,000 words were done and the story ready for the final edits.

The result?

The Adirondack Kids® #18: Treasure in the Boathouse and the Misadventure of Nicholas T. Barnes.

It is not necessary to read our books in order, but those fans who have followed the series and characters through the years may get a slight jolt by the close of the first chapter!

We revealed some detailed backstory for one of the secondary characters and with the help of our expert book designer produced what we think is the best bonus non-fiction section at the back of one of our books yet.

Our cover artist also with us from the beginning of this self-publishing adventure, Sue Loeffler, did another amazing job. This is the first time we have featured an interior view on the cover of any of our books, and she captured our vision perfectly.

It was exceptional fun researching and imagining what life must have been like in the Adirondacks at the turn of the 20th century and then suggesting artifacts for her to add to the cluttered attic in the old boathouse. She also added some great items of her own.

We hope young readers and the young at heart enjoy the adventure as much as our team did writing and illustrating and putting the package together.

This volume is dedicated to the real Dax. She passed during 2017. Our interior illustrator, my wife and Justin’s mom, Carol VanRiper, did several sketches featuring our precious calico for the book.


Adopted from the Rome Humane Society in Rome, NY, Dax was with us for 18 years and we certainly miss her. But it is heartening to know she will live on in the pages of our stories forever!

Question: Does the young reader in your life have a favorite book in The Adirondack Kids® series?






July 4 was the date set for the official launch of this 18th volume of our work. We made our annual book-signing visit on that date at Old Forge Hardware in Old Forge, New York. The Cohen sisters of OFH, Linda (left) and Sarah (right), are among those who have supported us from the very beginning of our literary sojourn – through all 18 volumes in 18 years – and counting! Jodi Lynn Bolton (also pictured with us) manages the Hardware’s book store – one of the most unique and smartly stocked bookstores we have found anywhere.


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