The Christmas Book Flood
The Christmas Book Flood

The Christmas Book Flood

It happens every year in Iceland when some 70 percent of the people who live there receive a physical book (no e-books) as a gift on Christmas Eve.

It’s called, Jolabokaflod, and the way the tradition is described, people read their new books Christmas Eve throughout the night while eating chocolate or sipping a non-alcoholic drink.

With Christmas Day dedicated to family there is much discussion about the books read.

There is more than a book trickle in our household for Christmas. Titles for the grandchildren were selected quite a while ago. Justin is helping his wife build her collection of classics. And everyone in our family knows my favorite present is a gift card to a bookstore.

Stephen D. Krashen (Emeritus Professor of Education) notes the importance of providing a print-rich environment for our kids in school and at home.* Children should see their parents reading for pleasure. And a host of experts in the field have emphasized how important it is for parents to read aloud to their children from birth.

There is still time to get a book or two or three or more before Christmas. This is NOT a pitch to buy one of our books! We have nearly 1000 volumes in a children’s library in our home!

There are so many wonderful authors. Among our favorites? Andrew Clements, Ellen Potter, Linda Sue Park, Joan Bauer, Beverly Cleary, Sigmund Brouwer, Brian Jacques, C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien. And a favorite picture book? Way out in front – The Word Collector by Peter Hamilton Reynolds.

Perhaps this may be the year you will begin an annual tradition with books within your own household. Flood your environment with authentic signs of a passion for reading. Do you already have a tradition? Help inspire others. Write and tell us about it!

*Krashen, Stephen D., The Power of Reading: Insights from the Research, pp 150-151




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