Adirondack Kids Day™: What a Day It Was!
Adirondack Kids Day™: What a Day It Was!

Adirondack Kids Day™: What a Day It Was!

It is said of Inlet, New York, that it is the place ‘Where Mountains & Memories Meet.’

That was certainly the case on Saturday of Columbus Day Weekend when hundreds of children along with their moms and dads and grandparents descended on the cozy hamlet for the 7th Annual Adirondack Kids Day™!

We even met people from Delaware and California – some who rearranged their vacation time to be there!

The biggest thrill for us? The expressions of joy and wonder on the faces of all the children.



Catching a fish.


Riding a horse.


Touching an owl.


Meeting a real author or illustrator.


Winning a special prize!


Here is what a few folks at this year’s event had to say:

“The gray skies didn’t dampen the splendid day we had! ?
Start to finish Adirondack Kids Day ❤️
Thanks for sharing your time and talents!
And thanks to the Inlet Community Church for the popcorn and cotton candy!

Thank YOU for a great day! And your graciousness when we happened to run into you at dinnertime “

The Gardiner Family of Marietta


“Joe was very happy to have gotten the memo about the “official” uniform of The Adirondack Kids! Thanks for such a fun day! — in Inlet, New York.”

Anne Scott Flanagan


“Hi! First I’d like to thank you and everyone else that helped put together a great day for the kids. I grew up in Tupper Lake and now live in Utica… Our son was sooooo excited to win the pumpkin! I wish I had the camera ready to get his reaction, but you could probably hear him yelling. I’ve attached the picture we took of him with the pumpkin before we left.”

R.G. from Utica, NY


There are more than 200 photos from the French Louie Fishing Derby on The Adirondack Kids® Facebook page. (Thank you, Beverly!) And soon we’ll release a new video with highlights from footage Justin shot on the special day.

Last year we put together 200 ‘Goody Bags’ including one free copy of a book from The Adirondack Kids® series – one bag for each child accompanied by an adult for as long as the supply lasted. Well, we ran out early last year and so this year we prepared 300 Goody Bags. And it happened again – we ran out at around noon. So – for next year’s 8th Annual Adirondack Kids Day™ we will plan on preparing at least 400 bags!

Since many people from out of town come the night before, we are also talking about having a special presentation or two on Friday as night as well!

We hope you can join us for the 8th Annual Adirondack Kids® Day on the first Saturday of October – October 5, 2019.

Closing for now with a special thanks to Kiwanis of the Central Adirondacks which is the event’s main sponsor. Kiwanis has been an enthusiastic supporter of Adirondack Kids Day™ from its inception!




Those who brought their cameras to the Adirondacks for the weekend were no disappointed. Following Adirondack Kids Day® we took a stroll around a favorite haunt – Moss Lake – only a 10- minute drive from the hamlet of Inlet. Here is just one of dozens of shots taken Sunday afternoon after church.






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