The Top 5 Reasons We Continue to Write Our Books
The Top 5 Reasons We Continue to Write Our Books

The Top 5 Reasons We Continue to Write Our Books

We are presently working on the nineteenth book in our children’s series of chapter books: The Adirondack Kids®. When we began what has become a two decade literary journey into the world of writing for children the goal was simple. Along with reading together every day, to help Justin have and maintain a command of the language and be able to share his ideas on paper. When the books were so enthusiastically received by the public, the list of goals began to grow.

So, here are the top 5 reasons we continue to write The Adirondack Kids® for now.



During every presentation at schools and libraries we have a question and answer period. Most common are questions related to the stories or characters or the craft of writing.

But every once and while there is a young entrepreneur in the group who raises his or her hand and flatly asks, “How much money do you make!” Sometimes the teacher will lower her head somewhat in embarrassment, but we love it when young people come up with question related to business.

This has always been part-time for us and over the years helped with Justin’s college career and has also allowed us to support some causes we believe in. Another great lesson for Justin when he was growing up!




Years ago I used to hear writers talk about listening to their characters to see what they might do and where they would take their story. I never understood how that until we developed and began getting to know Justin, Jackie, Nick and Dax.

As the years have gone by we have grown to love spending time with these children and Justin’s pet, Dax, and are curious ourselves to know how they are doing and see what they might do next. We usually know how they are going to respond to different circumstances, but sometimes they completely catch us off guard and surprise us!



The letters and feedback we get about the books at events are such an inspiration to us and keeps us writing.

Children asking when the next book is coming out. Parents explaining picking up one of our books at the beginning of each summer to be read with their children around the campfire. Families actually planning day trips and vacations to visit the places mentioned in the books.

A most frequently asked question at school events is how many books we plan to write. We answer as long as we are healthy and able we plan to keep writing as long as our readers keep reading.



This very much ties into #3 as over the years now countless parents have told us our books have been the gateway for their reluctant readers to enter into the world of books. Especially their boys.

This was something we never would have imagined would happen when we began our little home project eighteen years ago. We are humbled, amazed really, and so thankful whenever we hear it.

And the number one reason we continue to write our books today? (Drumroll, Justin, please?)



Where it all began.

Justin and I have had so many great experiences together over the years and continue to do so. We have travelled throughout much of our six-million-acre Adirondack Park visiting schools and doing book-signings and having real-life adventures while doing our ‘live’ research.

Now Justin has his own Adirondack kid who turned two-years-old this past summer and is joining us in our love for words and exploration of the great outdoors!

Thank YOU for joining us in this journey…




Our cover artist, Susan Loeffler, was over to the house this past week to brainstorm with us and take notes on ideas for the new cover for the Special 20th Anniversary Edition of The Adirondack Kids® #1. Watch for it sometime in 2020!






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